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Enter A Bed

What could be more fun than getting together with four - five of your friends, creating a really cool bed on wheels and then, racing in the event of the season???  

Really, the only thing that could top that is raising money for an amazing cause while you're at it!

Teams are encouraged to gather donations to support their bed.  

The team that raises the most money not only helps us to continue our services to families experiencing homelessness but also will win the coveted brass bed trophy for the year with their team name engraved on the side for future racers to aspire to emulate.

To add to the excitement, the bed with the fastest time will get an award and will get their picture used on next year's event promotions and t-shirt!

Have another group or business you would like to CHALLENGE?

Let us know, and we will set the competition in motion!

For more information, contact our Race Coordinator, Rick Lee

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