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We the Runners ... 5K, 10K, Half-Marathon & Fun Run

For each of its races, Totally Running chooses a charity to benefit from the proceeds raised.  We were blessed to be chosen for 2017 and are excited to be partnering again in 2018 with Totally Running!

Watch here for details on this fun event!

July 4, 2018

Why battle the traffic and large crowds on July 4th down in Atlanta when you can participate in a great event locally while also supporting an organization located right here in Forsyth County that helps our kids and their families?   We are thankful to Totally Running ad Walking for choosing our organization to be the beneficiary of their annual event which has been a long standing and enjoyed high participation of runners/walkers.  There are various distances for all ages.  We are looking forward to this event and appreciate all your support as donors, runners/walkers and volunteers ....


In the course of running events, it has become necessary for we, the runners of North Georgia, to choose our own race.
We have the inalienable right to sleep later and stay closer to home.
We yearn to avoid crowded MARTA trains and easily find a parking space.
We cry for the mercy of a level running ground.
We run in pursuit of happiness: a soft tri-blend cotton race t-shirt.
We will establish a new tradition.
We will promote health through running.
We, the runners of North Georgia, can count the blessings of having a local race.

You can sign-up or can print out registrations at the following websites....

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