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The Community Based Services(CBS) Program

offers families who are struggling with financial or housing instability and who currently

have shelter

a variety of levels of assistance and support to achieve sustainable independence.

Families may be in their own home/apartment, living with others, or in a hotel. 

Community Engagement - events and activities to introduce families to services provided by Family Promise such as our Community Resource Festival, Uplift the Girls: Bras for Moms, Back to School Clothes. This level also offers community members an introduction to serving families in need. 


Community Resource Connection – assisting families in navigating the many resources available within our community.   Click here to access our listing of community resources.


Life Skills Training – classes to provide families with tools to succeed such as financial literacy, parenting skills, self-care, meal planning, etc. Click here for class schedules and helpful tips.


Diversion/Prevention – in partnership with HUMI, providing rental/deposit assistance or helping families facing the possibility of eviction. Click here for more information about our diversion & prevention programs.


Case Management – providing individualized support and assistance including weekly/monthly goals, Sustainable Independence Fund, one-on-one mentoring and other additional supports based on a family's' unique circumstances.

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