Residential Program

through the Interfaith Hospitality Network


In cooperation with community churches and volunteers, our residential program provides a safe place to stay and meals along with case management and supports to help the families gain or regain sustainable independence.  The residential program is essentially a 30 to 120-day program.  When families enter our program, the first goal for the adults in the family is to attain a job, if they do not already have one.  Then, during their time in our program, while our host churches and volunteers are providing a place to stay and meals and through donations and grants, we assist with things such as childcare and transportation, the family can save the majority of their money earned to be ready to be independent.  

More importantly, though, we strive for our families to attain sustainable independence.  Therefore, each family works on personalized, weekly goals to provide them the knowledge and skills needed to be successful.  


Currently, this program is functioning at a static site, and our partner congregations provide meals, supplies and most importantly hospitality volunteers.

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