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While we have hundreds of volunteers throughout in congregations throughout our community providing our families a place to stay, meals and hospitality; it takes so much more to support and empower our families on their journey to sustainable independence. 

While families are in our program, we also provide:

  • Childcare to allow parents to work and save money

  • Transportation as needed for families to get to school, work, our host congregations and daycenter

  • Personalized case management and resource navigation

  • Education and supports to make changes needed for parents to turn their situation around and provide long-term stability for their children.

Your gift allows all of this to happen, and our volunteers add value to

your gift by providing the basic needs of shelter and food for our families.​

$75: One Week of After School Care for ONE CHILD allowing a parent to work full-time.


$3200: One Month of Services for ONE FAMILY including Childcare, Transportation & Case Management

$1000: One Month of Case Management with Resource Navigation for ONE FAMILY

$35:  One tank of gas allowing a parent to work full-time.


$10000: 90 Days of Services for ONE FAMILY

Typically, each family participates in the Family Promise Program for 90 days. 

By providing parents with personalized case management, education and supports to be able to work full-time, families can gain long-term stability.   

Your gift makes a difference!



These three families were able to gain sustainable independence through our program as they worked hard and saved money to be prepared to move into a place of their own. 

Gifts like yours allowed us to provide after-school care and daycare for their children so that their parents could save money for deposits, rent, and all the other costs associated with moving into a new place.


$200: One Week of Daycare for ONE BABY or YOUNG CHILD allowing a parent to work full-time.


$500: Two Weeks of Full-Time Child Care and 

Transportation allowing a parent to work full-time.




Donations made also be made by mail to:

Family Promise of Forsyth County

309 Pirkle Ferry, Suite D500

Cumming, GA 30028

Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc. is a non-profit organization as recognized under IRS code 501(c)(3).

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