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Did you know that under the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security), there are some additional tax breaks above the normal deductions for charitable giving:


For Individual Giving, non-itemizers can now deduct up to $300 in cash charitable contributions when they file their taxes for 2020, in addition to claiming the standard deduction.  For those who itemize in 2020, the cap on annual giving for gifts of cash increased from 60% of adjusted gross income (AGI) to 100% of AGI. A donor who uses all of his available deduction for qualified gifts would pay no federal income tax in 2020!

What can that $300 do?

  • Provide TWO WEEKS of full-time childcare for school-aged children

  • Provide one week of full-time childcare for infant to preschool age plus transportation parents to work.


As we come upon Mother’s Day, I’d like to share with you the words of one of the moms who recently graduated from the Family Promise program.  For the first time, this now single mom is standing on her own two feet, and she recently took time to reflect upon the impact Family Promise had upon her and her children’s lives.

“Without Family Promise, I would be stuck in a marriage that was horribly abusive to my mental and emotional health and was going to turn physical.

I was dying on a soul level, and Family Promise gave me a hand to stop me from drowning.  My children would be in an environment that was teaching them the wrong ways to treat people as well as the wrong ways to react to different situations.   Without Family Promise, my children and I would be broken, dying and possibly turn into horrible people who send their hurt and pain back into the world.


Because of Family Promise, I have hope for tomorrow.  I get stronger everyday and have more self-love and respect for myself.  I have learned that I am fully capable to take care of myself and my children.  I learned that I can set goals and reach.  I learned that I am not alone and have a family and support group that will stand behind me and help pick me up when I feel weak.  Family Promise completely helped to bring me back to life and to give my babies the life I always wanted for them and what they deserve.”


It is because of the generosity of our community that we are able to make these types of stories a reality.  For a mom facing homelessness with her children, life can feel pretty hopeless.  With your help, though, we can continue to instill not only hope but also the tools, skills and supports needed for families to achieve sustainable independence assuring that children have the opportunity to live a life they deserve…a life of stability and knowing they have a safe place to sleep each night.

Please join us this Mother’s Day in honoring these hard-working moms and all the moms in your life by making a donation, in their honor, to support this unique program which truly offers a hand UP versus a hand out.  With your help, we can continue to strengthen our community by providing parents an opportunity to work hard and create long-term stability for their children. 

On behalf of all the mothers we have served, are currently serving, and will serve, thank you for your support of Family Promise and the children of our community.



Tina Ferrario Huck | Executive Director

Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc.

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