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Each year, over 500 of our Forsyth County students are identified as homeless.  They may be doubled up with friends or family, living in a hotel room, or even sleeping in a car or tent.  We emphasize "identified" because there most likely many others who never become identified because they are just figuring things out and never tell anyone at school what is happening.

This event is about raising awareness of the reality of homelessness in our community and raising awareness of Family Promise of Forsyth County which empowers and supports families experiencing homelessness to attain or regain safe, stable housing and sustainable independence. 

We also want to raise awareness that ANYONE can be a part of changing children's lives.  Family Promise has opportunities for everyone to serve no matter age, amount of time they have to give, skills or lack of skills....EVERYONE can serve.

Just like being a Family Promise volunteer, all participating in Night Without A Bed can do it their way.  Some may do it as a family at home.  Some may choose to do it safely-distanced together in their church parking lot or other location.   

It's about the mission not the means.


We will have awards after the event for:

  • Team Raising the Most Funds

  • Individual Raising the Most Funds

  • Most Creative Participation


Throughout the evening, we will have Facebook Live presentations including live interviews with some of our graduates.

June 20, 2020    7 pm - 7am

How to Participate

1. Gather your team

    That might be just yourself, your family, your friends, your           youth group, your adult or youth small group, your church,         your coworkers, etc.

2. Create your team and/or individual       

    fundraising page at the link above.


3. Gather sponsors

    Ask family, friends, neighbors, etc. to donate through your

      individual donation page to raise funds to change children's


4. Plan your night

    YOU decide where you are going to sleep on June 20 ... as          long as it is not your bed!  Some ideas that have been     


  • Sleep in a tent in your yard.

  • Sleep on your couch or floor.

  • Build a fort in your living room to sleep in.

  • Gather with friends to sleep safely-distanced in your cars.

5. Sleep in your non-bed place and connect

    via social media throughout the night!

    Share your pictures on the Facebook group, Instagram, etc.

      Join us on Facebook for interviews with Family Promise 

      graduates, bedtime stories and more fun throughout the


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