Current Families

Family 1: 

Mother: Sharve'e

Child: Saheed (3 year old boy)

Child: Sahani (2 year old girl)


Family 2:

Mother: Tyrika 

Child: Aneiya (13 year old female)

Child: Tristan (9 year old male)

Child: AyJanna (8 year old female)

Family 3: 


Child: J'Lynn  (16 year old girl)

Child: Nathan  (19 year old boy)

Child:Brenton  (13 year old boy)

Child: Brooklyn  (9 month old girl)

Family 4: 

Mother: Kieshawn Davis

Child: Levi Walker 

Coordinators' Contacts


Family 1: needs diapers/pull-ups (Size 6 Diapers or 2T Pullups) and wipes
Sharve'e does not eat beef or pork
Sharve'e usually works until about 6:30, and arrives at the church around 7.


Family 2: Mom will be leaving early with the kids to get to work.


Family 3: 

Family 4: