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Current Families

Family 1: 

Mother: Kieshawn Davis

Child: Levi (10) Coal Mountain Elem


Family 2:

Mother:  Carolyn Burke

Child: Ava (10) Sawnee Elem

Child: Emma (7) Sawnee Elem

Child: Olivia (5) Sawnee Elem

Family 3: 

Mother: Gina Carpenter 

Father: Eric Nelson

Child: Mackenzie (11) Otwell Middle

Child: Maddie (7) Cumming Elem


Family 4:

Father: Jason Craig 

Child: Katelyn  (8) Miway Elem

Coordinators' Contacts


Coordinator Meeting/Train the Trainer

January 25

5:30 pm

Email or Call Tina if you did not get invitation email

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