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As you reflect upon your blessings, this year, you can give the gift of stability to a family experiencing homelessness.   Join us as we empower and support families to achieve sustainable independence.  Please consider being a blessing to others and especially to the children of our community, this holiday season, by making a financial gift to support this unique program.

Below, see just how your donation can make a major difference in the life of a child and their family or even multiple families.  To make your tax-deductible donation to Family Promise of Forsyth County, Inc., click the button next to one of the options or the donate button located above to donate any amount.

Thank you for supporting the children and families of Forsyth County!

$60: One Week of After School Care for ONE CHILD allowing a parent to work full-time.


$120: One Week of Camp for ONE SCHOOL-AGED CHILD allowing a parent to work full-time while school is closed for Holiday or Seasonal Break.


$200: One Week of Day Care for ONE BABYor YOUNG CHILD allowing a parent to work full-time.


$500: Two Weeks of Full-Time Child Care and Transportation allowing a parent to work full-time.



$3000: One Month of Services for ONE FAMILY including Childcare, Transportation & Case Management


$1000: One Month of Case Management with Resource Navigation for ONE FAMILY

$30:  One tank of gas

 allowing a parent to work full-time.



$9200: 90 Days of Services for ONE FAMILY

Typically, each family participates in the Family Promise Program for 90 days.  By providing parents with case management, education and supports to be able to work full-time, families can gain long-term stability.   

To Donate a

Different Amount,

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