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Play at the Park Fall Family Photos

by Family Promise

We are so glad you stopped by our booth at Play at the Park!  We hope you had fun getting your picture taken and hope you really enjoy seeing your pictures.  The pictures are your to save, print, share, etc.  We hope you will join us on September 15 at our Family Festival & Bed Race at which we will have a winter background....perfect for your holiday cards!

Many of you asked for more information about Family Promise.  We hope you will take a moment while you are here to check out the other pages on our website to learn more about how we are serving families experiencing homelessness in Forsyth County.  It's hard to imagine homelessness in our county, but the reality is that, each year, over 650 students in our schools are identified as homeless.  As scary as that number seems, it's important to note that those are the children who have been identified.  Imagine how many more simply aren't identified or are not school-age.

There are many ways you can help families who are experiencing homelessness to gain or regain sustainable independence.  Again, we invite you to visit more of website and in particular, the "Get Involved" tab.

Finally, thank you, again, for stopping by our booth.  Below is the button to access your pictures.  All of the pictures from that day are in one folder, please scroll to find the pictures that coordinate with your number.  Then, as we said, feel free to download, save, print, share, etc.

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